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Calico 10/22 Gatlin Gun System

Kevin MonschauKevin Monschau Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
edited January 2002 in Ask the Experts
I have had a Calico 10/22 Gatlin gun system for some time now and I'm thinking of selling it. It is the kit only from the Calico Mfg. It has never been assembled and has all parts and org. owners manual. Its serial # is about 000500. Its not in MINT condition but I would say its Excellant condition. Can anybody tell me what is a fair asking price??? Thanks.Kevin


  • KadaverKadaver Member Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    last one i saw was for like $345 without the guns......not sure if it ever sold though
  • guns-n-painthorsesguns-n-painthorses Member Posts: 7,041
    edited November -1
    I had one of these kits, but it took the 30 carbines. It was junk. I think I paid 400 for the kit NOS. put it together with a couple of 30 carbines, never did work right. Sold the whole mess to a pawn shop for 1000. The 30 carbine kits are harder to find that the 22 so I would still start around 350.Scott
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