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Info on OLD Shotgun

edited February 2002 in Ask the Experts
I have an old shotgun that is much like a Model 97 Win or even like an old Spencer in its action and I need a new forearm on the slide and a butt plate. It has the following stamping on thebarrel. RSB & Co and then under that I believe it is marked REVONOC all this is in a rectangular box Then it has 12 GA. stamped on it also Thanks for any help or info on who might help meDan B in Iowa e-mail [email protected] 563-556-SOLD(7653) 7-8am


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    Folks, here's one you dont see every day. The marking is "HSB&CO" as in "Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.", one of the largest and most famous hardware chains of the 19th and early 20th centuries.HSB started out way back in 1865 in Chicago, and became a major retailer of hardware, sporting goods, etc. Note: they were not a manufacturer but had other companies manufacture product with their name on it for sale. This is called "house-branding" and was/is a fairly common practice. The Rev-O-Noc brand was first introduced c.1902.The majority of Rev-O-Noc marked guns seen are inexpensive single-barrel and some double-barrel shotguns which were made by the Crescent Arms Co/Davis-Warner conglomerate which made house-brand guns for EVERYBODY. But they did not make pumps. Your gun is a variant of the Marlin 1898 shotgun (Model 16, 17, mfg probably sometime c.1910 give or take. Some detailed pictures would help identify which variant. You should be aware that Marlin advised owners of these older exposed hammer pumps to NOT SHOOT their shotgun with ANY ammunition, and its sound advice. Just a historical note, HBS developed the familiar "True Value" brand in 1932. Thirty years later the company was sold, reorganized, and became the True Value chain we know today.Enjoy!
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