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Anyone have any info on these? Reliability, accuracy, quality, etc. They've got a great price, but so far i'm running 50/50 on guns with great prices and great performance. Any help is always greatly appreciated.

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    I would avoid the Vector line of pistols. Troublesome, unreliable.

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    The CP series was recalled a couple of years ago because of the chance of accidental discharge when letting the slide slam on a chambered round, that was the death of that line of guns,I'd look elsewere for a more proven gun, good luck...
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    I have one of the early CP1 pistols, and find it a most interesting pistol. I never had mine altered to correct the problem mentioned. I never got any kind of recall notice, and have forgotten exactly what the problem is. The importer went broke shortly after importation began, and not many got in. The full-size pistols are Beretta M92/96 clones, and appeared to me to be as well made as Berettas. On what the other posters base their criticism of Vektor pistols, I do not know. I know the Vektor 19-round magazines work great in my Beretta M92.

    That said, the currently available CP1 pistols are identified as "Gen II" pistols in the flyer I saw, which I assume means they have been altered in some way from "Gen I," which one assumes would be to correct the original problem, whatever it was. Of course, that is just an assumption.

    The CP1 is a unique pistol. No other pistol is so sleek in design, and even the use of color, and the mechanical features are certainly different. It is gas retarded blow-back, has a concealed hammer, has the safety in the trigger guard, etc. If you like different guns that attract a lot of attention, the CP1 will fill the bill. While the CP1 would probably make a fine carry pistol, with only 10-round magazines available for it (the initial importer promised pre-ban 12 and 13 round magazines that never materialized), I prefer my smaller and lighter Kel-Tec P11 in the similar size and power category.

    I would not be afraid to take a chance on the Gen II pistols, but I would buy the pistol as a toy and not as a carry piece for the reasons stated.
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    Judge Colt, scheduling problems did not allow me to get to the SHOT Show this year. Is the Vector line being imported from S Africa again? Not only are their Beretta clones well made but their Sig hy-breds are also.

    We have a major differance of opinion on the CP-1 though. I still think that it was a novel idea that went wrong. I did try to shoot one in an IDPA style match and the polymer frame was not very compatible (heat) with the gas retarded blow back (ala H&K P7) and the trigger guard mounted safety and my two hand grip made for some awfully embarassing times. This particular gun also had a flush mounted mag release that took a concerted effort to engage.

    I still have to give credit where credit is due. The ergonomics were wonderful and the accuracy and reliability were not a problem. I would even give the 'spacey' looks of it a plus.

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