Poor Precision with Remington Mdl 7400

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First of all, thanks to all who responded to my previous post.

Rrfhunter, I will pick up some Winchester ammo and give it another try.

Leeblackman, Maybe I should not rule out the 308. There are a couple of the guy going on the hunt that are using that cal. I just thought that if the 30-06 is capable of the same precision then why not go large.

Ronald J. Snow, Your comments are appreciated and I will try tightening the barrel retaining nut as well as both Remington and Federal Premium ammo before I completely give up.

Do any of you see much difference between the ADL tapered barrel and the bull barrel model for hunting out to 300 yards? I know there will be a weight factor but if it will save me a couple of inches at 300 yards it may be worth it.



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    I have been having a hard time with my Model 7400 30-06 auto. I made sure that the bore was clean, tightened the forearm, slowed down the fire rate of the rounds, and I am at the end of my rope. I bought the rifle new and have fired about 400 rounds through it. I put a Leupold 3x9 VARX III with good base and rings on it. I am going to Wyoming to hunt deer out to about 300 yards and I can't get a consistent 4-inch group at 100 yards. Any other suggestions before I swap it for a Model 700.

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    Mr Lobo, You'll not notice a great difference in the accuracy of the light barrels vs. the heavy barrels if ou're talking about 1 shot, 1 dead deer!! You might see a difference if we were set up on a dog-town and keeping the barrel too hot to touch!! If you're going to hunt with the gun then why carry the extra weight!! I've seen plenty of "sporter weight" barrels that would do .3 at 150 yds!! I like the big barrels and the "BR" deal fine but it isn't necesary for an accurate hunting rifle. GHD
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    Mr. Lobo,
    groundhog devastation is right on as to the first shot-why carrier the extra weight!
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