Can you buy directly from seller to save $ to FLL

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My gun dealer charges $ 75.00. Its cheaper to buy on this site. The guy selling a Glock 22 lives about ten miles over the state line. Can you buy directly from him to save $$ from ffl?





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    Don't know if it is state law (I live in Kentucky) or a Federal law, but I do know that I can not sell a hand gun to someone accross a state line. However, I can sell rifles accross state lines. So a Barrett .50 cal I could sell, but not a Glock 22. I seriously suspect that it is a Federal Law, just get a different dealer if possible.
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    I don't think it matters if it's accross the street or 1000 miles, but if seller lives in another state, you have to receive it thru a FFL in your state since it's a hand gun. Check out the shipping section in GB for more info. GD
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    WOO $75 buck for paper work GET a new FFL person right now. I get all mine done for almost nothing and some time nothing. He knows I will buy other items when I come in to pick up the gun.
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    Yeah $75 is a LOT for a firearm transfer. My FFL only rips me off to the tune of $25! Shop around for a cheaper FFL.
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    What if it is a private sale, you talk to to the owner who is not a dealer and meet him some place to finalize the transaction.
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    federal law says that you can buy a long gun from a ffl dealer in another state but not a pistol. also the dealer must do anything that your state requires. if your state has a waiting period he is supposed to hold it just like you were buying in your own state. you can't buy a gun from an individual in another state. i am sure it happens a lot with people who live near the state line and cross over to go to shows, but it is against the law.

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    I get a bulk rate from my FFL dealer, only $10 a transfer.
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    $75 for a transfer is a rip off. A transfer takes 10 minutes! I pay $10 and my dealer gets all my business. You need to shop around and forget the jerk trying to rip you off.

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    I think he means dealer charges $75 over wholesale to order the gun and he can buy it cheaper here. He just doesn't want to order from here to avoid FFL fees.

    If that was the case, suck it up and pay the FFL. It's only 10-25 bucks more and you are 100% within the law.

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    If you're whining about paying $75 over cost to buy a gun from a dealer, start playing with dolls!

    That's a reasonable markup and if you don't support your local dealers, you won't have one around to get a gun for you.

    Besides, look at the TOTAL cost. Buying from a local dealer: cost +markup +tax = gun +place you can get help. Buying from the internet: gun +markup +shipping +receiving fee = gun +where do you go when it's broken?

    Maybe you can save a few bucks if the local dealer is a rip-off artist, but if he's a good dealer and charges you a reasonable markup, buy there.

    P.S. If he's charging a $75 fee for receiving a gun that he could have sold you or ordered for you, I completely understand. Why should he help you put him out of business?
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    Federal law REQUIRES that any handgun crossing a state,line in a sale, weither private or thru a shop, MUST be sent thru an FFL. Longguns can be bought from dealers in adjoining states or if you are hunting in another state. A PRIVATE deal, between induvuals, on a long gun is the problem of the indivuals to make sure they observe any state laws on the sale, but does not FEDERALLY have to go thru an FFL

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    You need to check into your state laws too. Some states it is against the law for a private citizen to sell a handgun to another non resident private citizen. There have been some sting cases around here, but depends on the circumstances....

    Federal laws prohibit a dealer from transferring a handgun to a non-resident private citizen without going thru a dealer in the non-residents state.

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    I believe all this dates back to the Gun Control Act of 1968. In general, it's best to have a dealer deal with the headache of proper paperwork. They have to do it right or risk going out of business. If you do it wrong, you risk going to jail. A few bucks and maybe a few days and you get your new shooter.

    Here in Illinois, I believe we can still sell privately to another resident who has a valid FOID card. Both parties are supposed to keep a copy of the transfer.

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