What does "Clicks" means??

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I have heard these term before but i have no idea what it means.
I have hear "move 2 clicks to the right or 2 the left.
What it means?

All the info provided its respectfully taken.
Thanks guys!!8D


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    I suppose you'll get various answers, but in military terms, the word "click" refers to each detent, or stop on an adjustable mechanical mechanism, such as a gun sight. In shooting, each stop or step of adjustment on a knob for windage or elevation is measured in "clicks." The word comes from the sound made by such an instrument when it is adjusted. Not to be confusing, but the actual unit of measurement for each "click" on a knob does not have to equal one degree on a compuss, or one 360th part of a circle's circumference. It could be an indication for any part of an arc or angle, depending on the calibration of the instrument. In slang usage (chiefly military), to move right or left by "clicks" is to move by degrees of a compass. In linear measurements (also military slang), a kilometer is ofter referred to as a "click." Ten clicks away means 10 kilometers away.
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