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Well here,s one to talk about.What,s the longest shot made out in the field by any hunter,s. My longest was a groundhog in a fence row at 370 pace,s with 22-250 and 340 with 243.


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    My longest shot was on a gut-shot deer in west Texas that another hunter had wounded. I never did find out how far it was, but I was holding above the deer approximately three heights of the deer--roughly 12 feet high. The round was a 30-06 with 150 grain bullet. The bullet struck the deer's front leg downing it. It was total luck I hit the thing.
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    578yds 7mm 140 gr handloads whitetail yardage ranged with nikon range finder
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    I usually never load the old pre 64 WINCHESTER in .30/Govt.06
    which is .30/06. Have shot enough bucks in my life time. But...
    the longest shot at a mulie was about 480 yds. In the heart. Took me about one hour to side step the mountain down to where I fired. Very lucky shot which will not be repeated. I will not make a hope and by golly shot again. I do the "Mossy Oaks" thing. Point and squeeze. No ammo required. Just enjoyable being in the woods. Steve - [email protected]
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    Look at the some of the ranges on this thread
    Their idea of short range is 200 yd with a 22lr (gophers & P-dogs)

    Some guys like a mag full of lead, I still prefer one round to the head.
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    Don't really know what distance my longest shot was, but I remember my best one. I was groundhog hunting with my oldest brother in the hills of West Virginia. I was about ten years old and was carrying my grandads old single shot bolt action remington with open sights. My brother had my dads 22Mag. with a Redfield scope. We seen this rabbit down in the field about 225 yards away from us. My brother pulled up on it and shot, missed, chambered another round, shot, and missed. He continued this until his clip was empty,(5 shots). I told him to step back and let me see if I could get it. He laughed and said, "You'll never get that rabbit with open sights at this distance". I didn't know if I would or not, but Iwas determined to give it a try. I pulled up, allI could see was its ears above the grass, I guessed about wear its head would be and squeezed the trigger. That rabbit jumped strait up in the air and disappeared. My brother laughed and said, "Told ya so", and said I scared the rabbit away. I told him its dead in its tracks and walked straight over to where that rabbit was. The whole time we were walking I was being heckled and told I was crazy If I thought I hit it. My redemption was a clean, near perfect, head shot, straight in one ear and out the other. We still talk about it sometimes, if the subject of who is the best shot comes up.

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    approx 350 yds , 5 minutes before total dark, turned on the red dot in the burris, neck shot on whitetail doe, off the mirror of the truck. And YES, it was a legal shot (crop damage permit). Best shot I have made. Now from a bench.........

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