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I have a Romanian AK47 SAR1 and is it really worth putting on a muzzle brake onto a SAR1?Those 2inch muzzle brakes are huge,does it really help to keep the muzzle climb down?What's the best muzzle brake to put on a Romanian SAR1?.....need to hear your advices...I want all the info before i decide to weld one onto my SAR1


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    Unless you fire full auto, muzzle climb in an AK is relatively low. If you put one on, make sure you do it for aesthetics mostly.

    Also, if you get it welded, make sure you get it installed by a pro so you don't end up with a limp tipped AK.

    Remember that if you make any permanent changes, it will lower the gun's value

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    Muzzlebrakes on some guns actually help, but a good pad like the Kick-EZZ 1.2 inch model and you won't know the gun kicks.
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    I find that depending on the design of the muzzle break they really can improve accuracy and decrease felt reciol enough to notice. They can also degrade accuracy if poorly designed or improperly installed. Yea, honestly most people just put them on for asthetics, or because its an "upgrade". You know how people are. Oh, yea another thing they can do it make your gun really loud to shoot, because the blast is redirected more toward the shooter.

    If you do decide to get a muzzle break, do a little research on what type to get, find someone who has one, and see if the'll let you shoot their gun. Then have it professionally installed by a gunsmith.

    I find general rule of thumb, when it comes to things that can effect the performance or operation of your gun, if it doesn't have to be installed by a gunsmith, then its probably junk.

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