Ruger 9mm P-89TH

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I'm looking at getting a Ruger p-89th the gun is a new gun and is priced at 399.00 I didn't know if this was a good price? The dealer told me that it is a special edition(th). So let me know what you guys think. I'm looking at replacing my hi-point 9mm
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    Price can vary according to your location. However, you are upgrading from a junker to a good Chevrolet. Reliable and well built.
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    Shop around and compare prices at a few different dealers before buying.

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    A Ruger P-89th?

    Never heard of it being refered to as "th"

    I have a Ruger P-89 two tone and it has "special edition" written on the box, so I think he's feeding you some crap. You can buy one of these on GB for $340 right now. Even after S/H, FFL and all, it will still only cost $380.

    Hell, you can buy a used one in great shape with a hicap for cheaper than that. Check this auction out....


    The only diff between this and that "th" he's offering is this has a stainless slide instead of dark grey finish. Pretty, but the stainless shows wear a lot less.

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    The gun your talking about is a two tone Ruger .9mm which is an exclusive through Davidsons Inc. The wholesale is $315.00 then probably another $15.00 for [email protected] . I sell them at $399.00 also but probably can be gotton cheaper. This model is not even in the Ruger catalog . It comes with one mag and should have Hogue rubber grips with the finger grooves. They are a nice gun.
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    Have to modify MFI's statement a bit.... It is a GREAT gun. 100% reliable, flawless function, and built to last.

    You sure can get them cheaper than $400 though. Be patient and hnt around. If you can get one NIB for < $350, buy it.

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    I would say that $399 is on the High end. I paid $300 for a P94 almost a year ago.
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    For Niklasal:

    How would you rate the P93? I just posted asking folks to give me input on which of the following $400-$500 pistols would be best for all around reliability, accuracy, and so forth:

    Ruger P93
    Springfields Coration XD

    How would you rate the P89 as far as accuracy? Would the P-93 be a fair substitute to the 89?

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    Look on www.gunbroker.com, and see what they go for there. Its usually a great place to start. But I'd definately say $400 is way to high, I swear I've seen them at one of the shops around town for $329.99 or so. For $400 I could find something with a little better trigger pull on it.

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    I think you are considering buying the right gun,but agree with the other guys about shopping around for a cheaper price. As to the reliability of the Ruger it cant be beat. They will eat about any ammo you wish to feed them,and in most cases if you get one with an icky trigger pull as you shoot a fair amount of ammo through them they usually clear up with a crisp trigger pull. And if your gun ever needs maintenance done to it I think you will find the staff at Ruger a pleasure to deal with. Plus I also agree that Gun Broker is the best place to shop for nearly any firearm!
    Good luck,


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