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I went back about 5-6 pages before asking what may have been thoroughly covered but......can you tell me what is thought of the new breed of FEG Browning copies of the Hi-Power 9mm?? I have only seen one in hand and read about one that had a terrible trigger fixed easily enough by a G-smith. Your help please....Thanks ahead of time.

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    I have a FEG 9mm and I love it.Looks just like a Browning Hi power.Shoot's great never jam's,even came with a Browning clip in it13 shot.cost about1/3 the price of a Browning.
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    These first came into the country clear back in 1986. They have been and still are a very well made gun. Their parts interchange with the Brownings. They also make a double action model that doesn't interchange with the Browning at all. The single action FEG PJK9HP will take the same mags, grips, hammers, triggers, etc., etc., as the High Power. The only thing that you have to watch for, about 2-3 years ago they started sending these out with an aftermarket 13 round magazine that was made here in the US. There were problems. The gun was still fine, the mags were total junk. Some people got rid of their gun thinking that that was the culprit. If you run into one of those just try a better mag and most likely the problems will disappear. The original Hungarian 13rd mags are great, so are their 10rd ones, but the US aftermarket ones they put in there for a while were a big mistake. Other than that, an excellent value.
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    I have one of these for my wife and sge loves it. I want to get an ambidextrous safety installed on it as my wife is left handed.

    I could use all the help and information That I can get on this pistol. I have been told that the Browning parts do not interchange with this pistol. I am also looking for some hi-cap (13 rounds) for it. Is there a website, or a discussion group on the net for this pistol??

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspWell, I thought I could help you out, but after doing some checking I'm not so sure. I have a Browning, and last year I bought a combat style ambi saftey from Gun Parts Corp. But I just checked their latest catalog I have (#23), and they don't list that item anymore. Same with the thirteen round mags. You might try calling them at 845-679-2417, because they might still have a couple laying around.

    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspI also checked this place for mags: www.cdnninvestments.com , but they have everything but thirteen rounders on their web site. However, just last week I ordered a couple of seventeen rounders from them, and I looked in the catalog they sent with the order, and they're advertising 13 round Promags with Pachmayer pads for $14.99. I guess you might want to give them a call too: 1-800-588-9500. Anyway hope this helps you out a bit.
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    The Feg pistol came out swinging, for the money it is hard to beat. Mine did not want to feed 100% of the time I took it apart many times thinking I might accidently fix it. It boilded down to the point where I was going to just put it aside, I would not sell a unreliable gun. One day I had out one of my high powers out and the wheels began to turn, I tried the 13rd Browning mags it fit perfect in the feg, The pistol has been nothing but a pleasure since. The best place I know of to buy High POwer, 13rd mags for under 15.00 bucks is CDNN at 1-800-588-9500. I think you will be pleased.

    Good Luck.

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    I have two (2) FEG factory magazines (blued base & parkerized body) for adoption. I paid $30 each for them at a gun show a while back. Sold pistol with two mags and kept these. email [email protected] if you are interested.
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