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any info on a HK vp 70z pistol??? one for sale locally for $500


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    That's the original polymer framed handgun that got Gaston Glock's attention.

    The VP70 design was originally intended to be a machine pistol and came with a detachable buttstock. Without the stock they were just a high capacity semiauto handgun with a really heavy DA only trigger pull. Attaching the buttstock allowed them to fire 3 rd. bursts at a cyclic rate of 2200 rpm.

    The pistol you're looking at is a straight blow back action 19 rd. capacity 9mm handgun. They're reliable and very unique, but it's trigger pull and bulk are big drawbacks.
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    The trigger is a bear. Other than that, they are freat guns.

    At $500 I would want it to be 95%+ with box and docs.



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