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what would be a good range to sight in my marlin .35?


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    Since I'll be sighting in a new rifle I thought it would be a good time to get others input on the subject. I'll be working with a Rem.700 ADL in 270. My scope is a Buckmaster Nikon 3x9x40 ( I know there are better scopes out there.) I'm using Leopold Rail and rings. Remingtons core-lok in 130 Gr is what I'm hoping to be able to use as it is the most available to me. Most of my hunting offers shots in the 40 to 80 yd. range , with sometimes a 200 yd shot. I'll be using a bench rest. I've sighted in several rifles to my satisfaction but want to hear what others may have to say. Thanks in advance.

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    I read, not too long ago,here on forum, that you could sight your scope in at 25 yards, and it would be right on at 100 yards. I don't remember who posted it, but I was wondering if it was also the same for iron sights? Thank you; MIKE
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    Depends on how far you have to shoot at whatever you are hunting. Many shooters go for 1" to 2" high at 100 yards.
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    Depends on the size of the vital zone you'll be aiming at and the maximum distance you feel you can hold a group of that size under field conditions. Then take half the vital zone size as the max. distance above or below your line of sight that you'll want your bullet to go. At least that's one approach.

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    The 35 is a bit short ranged, and not really powerful enough for anything bigger than deer. I'd sight it for about 125 yds, and not try for anything beyond 175 yds with it. If you want more range, get a different rifle and load.
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