Winchester model 12 barrel length

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Looking at a model 12 with a serial # in the 1,100,000 range, has a foreend of the newer style with the flat bottom.

My concern; is this forend style correct for the serial number range and if so how rare is the 32" barrel in this configuration.

Any opinions appreciated, but in particular Bert's



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    I am away from home (and most of my references) at the momemnt, and can only provide an estimated guess to your question.

    Model 12 serial number 1,100,000 is an early 1947 vintage gun. Based on my survey of the Model 1897/97, Winchester did not begin using the newer falt-bottomed slide handle stock until 1949.

    In regards to the 32" barrel, they were relatively common, as were the 28" barrels.
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    according to Riffle they started using the flat bottom forend on model 12s in 47......so your flat bottom is correct..
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