Can I swap slide or barel?

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I can't find any .45GAP to shot..without spending huge amount of money. Is it possible and costly for Glock to convert my model 37 into another caliber which one might be able to obtain ammo for?? Thanks experts.


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    So are there any conversion kits available ??
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    45GAP Ammo is available HERE, right now, and there are probably other places too, since this caliber isn't all that popular, demand is probably pretty limited:


    As to your actual question, don't think there are conversion barrels available, but you could probably swap the entire UPPER for one in 9mm or 40SW/357 SIG.

    That will cost you a few hundred bucks. Its up to you to price this and decide it its a "huge" amount of money.

    IMO, its probably cheaper to sell the 45GAP (at a loss, if you have to), then just buy a replacement in whatever caliber you prefer.

    Also since 45GAP is typically both less available and more expensive than the conventional calibers, you should factor that into your cost consideration too.
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    Thanks BEANTOWN. That's what I'm thinking too. You win some and lose some. I should have researched this out more. Oh well, onward and upward! Cheers!
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    you *should* be able to run a 17, 22, and 31 model top end on your model 36 receiver. as far as barrel swapping, i cant speak to that. i dont know if a 40 or 357 barrel will run in a 45gap slide.

    keep in mind this is not going to be cheap. it may be just as expensive as buying a whole new glock. heres a complete model 17 top end for 400 bucks:


    in most of the free world, you're most of the way to a total gun for that money. they're all over the other side for +/- that 50 bucks.

    heres a third gen model 17 for(right now) 450:


    me personally, i'd buy a new gun for that money. take the gap and either shelve it or flip it. you might be able to trade it straight across for someone who hasnt yet discovered you cant get gap ammo at reasonable prices...
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