Beretta M9A1 or 92A1

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Thinking about getting one of these to commemorate 20 years of service in the Corps. Looks like only minor differences between them...anyone have experience/preferences between the two?


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    Why not get the Colt Govt .45 semiauto? That is IMO the Devil Dogs favorite sidearm.
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    It's really just your personal preferences.. You can compare them here..



    I bought the classic military version, with markings and post and dot sight..

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    I think here's the relevant table to compare features:


    IMO recoil buffer adds nothing here, except another part to fail, jam up your gun, or need replacement. But both A1 version of this gun offer this, so there's no difference.

    "Sand resistant" magazines are nice if you're in a sandy environment (are you?), but you can always add them later to any gun, if you "need" them. Higher cap magazines are a plus, of course, but both A1 type guns come with 17 rounders now.

    Rounded vs square triggerguard is mostly cosmetic. Nobody really shoots that way anymore, but you can always hook the index finger of your support hand around the front of a rounded triggerguard if you really wanted to. Hooked triggerguard will look more like the older military issue gun, if that's what you're after.

    For some reason the 92A1 gun weighs 6/10 of an ounce more than the M9 version, though I doubt you'd notice the difference holding the two, especially loaded.

    Captive recoil spring helps prevent the spring from shooting across the room when stripping and also helps prevent you from kinking it, though these also cost more to replace later.

    Removable front sight is nice if you want to put target or tritium night sights on your gun. Do you? To me this is probably the most significant "real" difference between the two guns you mentioned.

    IMO checkered front and backstraps are an advantage, though a fairly minor one, and both the A1 versions have these.

    IMO flared magazine well doesn't hurt, but it adds very little to a gun with double-stack magazines like this one.

    Bottom line is that these guns are more similar than different, and if you like one, you'll like the other. Main thing to me is just to consider whether or not you want the stock sights on your gun, because if you DON'T, then the M9A1 with removable front sight is a no-brainer.
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    Thanks (as usual) for the great replies. They helped me realize that what I really want is exactly what I carried on my hip for 20 years. So even though I'm not a big fan of the 9mm...or this particular gun...I've decided to get the M9. Thanks again.
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