cylinder bore

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I haveheard this term before. Is this the same as full choke?


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    No choke. Straight pipe.
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    Indeed, cylinder bore is just that, a pretty darn straight cylinder from one end to the other. These are common for slug guns, and short barrel "police" or security shotguns.
    My security gun is a cylinder bore 870 that has a 20" barrel with rifle sights and a +2 mag extension and a sidesaddle 6-shot extra ammo carrier.
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    CYlinder is WIDE OPEN .. FULL real tight for tighter pattern at longer distances..
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    quote:Originally posted by woodhog
    I have heard this term before. Is this the same as full choke?

    Its exactly the OPPOSITE of full choke.

    Cylinder is just what it sounds like. . .a pure cylinder. . .ie NO choke whatsoever. . .the internal diameter of the muzzle is the same as the rest of the barrel. See the image below for more clarification.

    Cylinder gives the widest possible shot pattern, and its common on "riot" guns (ie short barreled pump shotguns) and other defensive shotguns to emphasize pellet spread at relatively short distances.

    Note that contrary to popular misconception, you still need to aim/point guns with cylinder chokes.

    This idea of "point in the general direction" is simply false. With BUCKSHOT (not birdshot as in the image below), the shot pattern is only a few inches wide at a typical defense distance of 10 yards or less, making it easy to entirely miss a human sized target with a careless shot.

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    Yep, like the others have stated. As far opposite of full choke as you can get. The bore is the same ID at the muzzle as the breech. Straight gutted goose, so to speak.
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