S&W 686 What is this one?

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I have got a S&W 686 with 8&3/8 barrel.The top of barrel has got cuts for scope rings like a super redhawk.I have the box and it just says with scope mount.Does it have a model that it goes by?


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    The model number should be on the end of the box, 686, product code, 104251, 1100 made in 1989. Here's some info,
    In 1989, S&W produced 1100 8 3/8" barreled 686's with scope ring cuts in the barrel rib to fit, IIRC, Millett rings.Is yours like this one [?]


    OOPS, put wrong picture up, my bad [:0]
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    If the box/label is original? There should be a 4 digit number on the label, (just after the serial number, and product code). First digit would be the year, next 3 would be Julien DOM, during that year.
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    I thought all 686's had the full length underlug. No?
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    Some of the older 5" special order ones had a half lug like the one's pictured, as do some of the new Performance Center guns. I haven't seen the 8 3/8" half-lug one in the picture before.

    Edit: that's the performance center gun I was talking about. The S&W forums pages have threads that talk about the 5" special order guns.
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