Remington 592m 5MM

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Bought one of these today at a yard sale. Older man bought it years ago from original owner who only put six rounds thru it.And he has never fired it. Has a cornell scope on it, 4x32. Gun is in excellent shape, it is tube fed. I know Agulia now makes 5MM ammo for it. My question is, is their a market for these guns, And i know without pics its hard whats a ball park on these guns? Thank you.


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    From you, about $75.00 del. LOL
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    there is a market now there is cheap ammo available used to be 60.00 + abox
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    I used to buy these rifles for $150- $200 back when the only available ammo was $50 - $60 per box. I didn't buy them to shoot, I just liked them. Now that ammo is again being made for the 5 MM magnum I can't buy a 591 or 592 for less than $350 and I've saw some near mint examples at $500. If yours is as nice as you describe I feel sure it would sell for $400 or so.
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    I agree with Knifecollector. They made fewer 592's than the 591's so some might charge a premium. I have many and have had many more and think they are the best rim fires ever made...JMHO. Look at the Auction side and I think you will see them "selling" from $375 on up. Keep it!
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