To the experts:is it possible to ship a gun to outside of the american borders?

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Is it legal to have a gun, or a "assemble it yourself" gun kit, shiped out to another country?If so, what are the requirements?And where, online can i find it?In my home country there is nothing worth to get...I'm writting from Portugal, Europe.


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    There are not many guns available in "kit" form that are worth buying. Also, depending on the type of gun you are wanting, it may be more problem securing the necessary export permits than it is worth.Most dealers (myself included) generally dont sell outside of the US.
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    Swamp, I cannot speak to firearms but if my experiences with collectible ammo are any indication, the short answer is: "at best, very difficult." My international customers / friends - even those in Canada - have incredible regulatory hoops they must overcome simply to obtain individual specimens of obsolete ammo. I cannot begin to imagine the difficulties you would encounter trying to import a firearm in any form. That is probably a huge part of the reason so little is available for sale in Portugal. You should begin by determining the laws which govern this by contacting your Interior Ministry or whatever branch of your government has the responsibility for this issue. Once you know what (if anything!) is permissible and what forms, taxes, etc. are involved, you will be able to articulate your needs accurately to a potential seller. The only kits (IMHO) worth buying are for making black powder replicas.[This message has been edited by Iconoclast (edited 02-28-2002).]
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    You have to go through both the BATF and Customs to do it legally.Ton of papers and a rectal spasm.Had a guy today ask if I would ship some M16 parts to France.Nopecpermd
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