Russian o/u shotgun

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I have been looking at a o/u shotgun IZH27 that sells for a very good price. They look pretty good. Has anyone used one of these?Is the quality ok?


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    Question was asked & answered yesterday on discussion board. See "Russian shotgun".May or may not be same brand. Is what you list a brand name or model number?
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    The Russian guns are Baikals. There was a quite favorable review of them in Guns& Ammo not to long ago. The acions take about 150 rounds to loosen up. If you don't have the time to wait, a little emory paper will help. We have sold Quite a few with only 1 return. E-mail at [email protected] for price etc.
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    I bought a 20ga Baikal in that model. Good value, all the bells and whistles at a low price. I have put about 100 rounds thru it and like it a lot. Took off stock to look inside, it's is full of stamped out parts roughly made but it works fine. Fitted face of open breech and sides of bbls are roughly machined. External fit and finish is good. Checkering is only fair. The Russians know how to make guns work with minimum detail work as per the AK. Also bought a Turkish made Sarcilmaz 12 ga OU for $279. Basic gun no ejectors, no single trigger, etc., but better gunsmithing than the Russky. Checkering has over-runs. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet.
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