Whats the maximum Range of the .50bmg?

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What is the maximum effective, and the absolute maximum range for a .50bmg.
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    A 7mm Rem Mag has a maximum range of nearly 7 miles.....would guess a 50 to be more...
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    The M-2's sights are graduated to 2600 yardsBrassey's shows the effective range to be 1400 meters *I suspect thats aganst light armor*Carlos Hathcock used it on his longest kill somthing like 2500 yards (head shot)
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    hatchcock used it to split the front frame of a bicycle which was being ridden by a young vietnamese supply mule in the hopes he could scare the kid, when the kid jumped up and started spraying the countryside with an AK, he dropped him. And yes, it was 2500 yds verified by SGT. E.J.Land. I would expect the caliber to be capable of human elimination at 3000yds, maybe more.
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    A lot futher then them dang BB guns HAHAHAHA Sorry lee could not help myself
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    Some specs on the "Ma Duce". Max. effective range 2000 meters. Max. range 4.22 miles (6.8 kilometers).
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    The original question can't really be answered without specifying the weapon.Maximum effective range is a military term, defined as the maximum range at which the average shooter can be expected to maintain consistent hits on a silhouette target. This term refers to accuracy rather than power.It's not a clearly defined line, but rather a guide when choosing where weapons are sited within an area.
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    When I was in Viet-Nam,there was rumors of a 4000 meter kill with a 50,but we know what rumors are worth.
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