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Do I have to get my FFL holder to submit another copy of his license each time I order from the same company or is a one time submission sufficent? I know that the guns must be sent to him. Thanks, Tom
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I would say no. Sent my C&R to a dealer and they in turn gave me a no. to use in any future transactions. Of course it will probably be different in some of the Communist states. Every web site I've done business with simply states that a signed copy of the FFL must be on file.
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    I have bought a couple of rifles from the same dealer in North Carolina. They have my FFL's license on file with my account, and only one was necessary. That should generally be the case.
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    It's really up to the company you're buying from. If they maintain an FFL file, and they still have his copy on file, they will usually go ahead and ship it. A lot of them staple the received file copy to the PO and keep in their files. In that case, they will want a fresh copy each time. You need to call them and find out what their policy is.
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    We keep them on file and most others do also as far as I know. They should only need one til it expires.
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    What I should have done first.. I called CDNN and talked to Seth. No need to send more than one signed FFL, they keep it on file. Sounds lie a darn good place to do business.Tom
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    one FFL or C&R copy is good for as long as the license is good, no limit on the number of guns which can be shipped. All the major distributors accept that, however many dealers have their own rules, or simply do not keep their FFL's organized enough to operate that way.
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