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I am interested in a bolt action rifle in 223 caliber. I am considering the CZ 527, Remington 700, Winchester, Savage and Browning. Does anyone have thoughts, comments or recommendation on these for general shooting and varmint shooting with a consideration of price v. performance.Thanks,David


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    I'd say a Savage will be your best value. They shoot way better than you would expect for the price you pay. (they are ugly though)
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    I am saving my nickels for a Remington Model Seven SSL in .223 caliber. That is a compact stainless rifle with laminated stock. They shoot good and look good too.
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    CZ's are pretty, but I think they're a little costly and don't have one I'd actually wanna get in the field. Brownings are hi-end but aren't really varmint rifle makers. Remington 700 is the best action in my opinion, if you can afford one get it. Savage is probably the best buy right now. Winchester's aren't all that for the price compared to savage or remington.Thats just my 2cents
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    I build most everything on the 700 actions. They are very strong and accurate actions with hoards of aftermarket performance parts and gunsmithing options available. I would have to go with the 700 in a varmit configuration with the heavy barrel.
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    I stupidly fired a Rem. Mod 7 .223 once without ear protection. The only thing I've ever heard louder is my Contender 12" muzzle tamed .223.
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    only go for the cz, if you like ugly sights, very limited (cz)scope mounts & rings ($$$), & if you lose the clip, good luck $$$$
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    My uncle and I just bought a model 11 Savage, not to bad of a looker. adjusted the triger a little and vola! 1 inch groups at 200 yards off a bag, I was impressed with it. The gun seems to shoot equally well with most ammo not just re-loads. If it was up to me we would of bought a different model, one with a clip. Very satisfied with the gun.
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    I shoot the 700 adl . its been great but a little hassle as I'm a lefty. Looking at the Mini Mauser by Charles Daly. They offer a left hand action...can we get together?
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