Bluing touchup winchester 9422

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I've got a win 9422 made in 1972 that had a spot of rust about the size of a pencil eraser on the receiver. After I polished it out with 400 paper I tried several cold blues including 44-40, both liquid and paste, Caseys Perma and Super Blue, Vans, Blue wonder. None seem to work. I also tried heat with no luck. What type of metal was used then.


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    I don't know if this specifically applies to 9422's? My understanding is that the receivers of the post 64 Winchester centerfires, were made from wrought iron rather than steel. This is what causes problems if they are refinished.

    You might give Brownell's "Oxpho-Blue" a try, it has worked OK for me in the past.
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    What part of the rifle is it on? Receiver, barrel?

    I've fiddled with cold blues for years. About the only surface that takes it well is matte type. Anything polished comes out poorly or doesn't blend. Usually an "eraser" sized spot turns into a quarter sized spot. My approach now is to either cover with one of the new spray/bake type finishes or have it reblued.
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    The post 1963 production Model 94 receiver frames were made from "sintered" steel versus forged milled steel. I suspect that the Model 9422 was made from the same material, and that would account for its poor finish retention.
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    +1 for "Oxpho-Blue"
    Multiple applications may be needed, but best I've ever found.

    Good Luck
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    9422's will hot and cold blue with no problems. I have done 6 through the years. The main problem is NOT cleaning the metal properly. Sometimes it's tough to get clean enough so that the chemicals take. The 9422's are milled steel and not like the 94's.
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    I have had best results with multiple applications no matter what brand used.
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    Oxpho is good and I have also used Brownell's Dicropan T4 with good results on touchups.
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