Savage BSE series H

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Yesterday I read on one of the forums about this SxS. Everyone piled on and by the end of the last post, I concluded that the only thing I could do with the one I have is cut it up for scrap iron. What's the deal? This is a moderately priced gun with many features found only in the more expensive ones. No, it does not stand up to my model 21, but for the money, why is it not a good choice for the average shooter?


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    Gun snobs are everywhere, especially here. Not everyone wants or can afford to shoot the NAME brand guns that these people suggest are the only ones going. I personally shoot skeet and sporting clays on occasion and i don't shoot high $ guns and most shooters still have avery hard time shooting the scores that i shoot with my elcheapo's. And my guns break so seldom that it's almost never. Most of those people can't say that about theirs. Don't let them get you down, nothing wrong with a Savage BSE except for a few people looking down their snobbish noses.
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    Howdy floramae and welcome to the forum...

    Couldn't agree more with 20gabob about snobs. As always, one man's treasure is anothers garbage. Whatever, and who really cares?

    Based upon limited experience with a BSE, a friends which is well over 40-yrs old I think-- it is exactly as you described, "...moderately priced gun with many features found only in the more expensive ones." He always laughs when I offer to buy it from him, says, "No way". [I've no idea what "series" it is?]
    Yet, it shoots true, never had breakage, and I'm always more than happy to get a chance to throw some lead in the air with it. What else is there to it, but enjoy and turn deaf ear to the nay-sayers?

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    I use a $400 Baikal 20 Ga O/U when I'm knocking about in the mountains quail hunting. It shoots them just as dead as my $1,100 Red Label, and if I drop it or scratch it (again) I don't feel so bad.

    Some guns have a reputation for being cheap junk, others as "cheap" in price but of good quality. IMHO, Savage has always made blue-collar, no frills guns that just seem to work without breaking the bank. Just because it doesn't say Perazzi or Guerini on the sideplate doesn't mean it won't work just fine for you!
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    I've taken a lot of birds with a Model B and will continue to do so if I can find the birds to hunt. I actually prefer the double trigger as it gives me a better choice of chokes w/o using a selective safety.
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    Thank you for your support!
    I enjoy this forum,the advice,and the challenge of separating the BS from the real thing.

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    My wife beat the pants off a guy at sporting clays a couple of years ago. He was shooting a K-80 she was shooting a $600 CZ SxS.
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