AR .308 Buffer tube, buffer for Magpul PRS

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I have a DPMS LR-308(with collapsing stock) and recently got a good deal on a Magpul PRS stock for it. It didn't dawn on me until later that I need a RIFLE buffer tube, buffer, and spring to use the PRS.
My question is if anyone can tell me if I can use a standard A2 stock kits parts or is there a specific buffer or spring that must be used with a .308?


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    They fit the standard A2 buffer tube quite nicely. I have several of them on AR-15's, and a couple 10's. They are my favorate, to say the least!

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    Just built a LR-308. The A2 buffer tube is the one to use but its my understanding that the rifle size buffer and spring need to be used. The folding stock spring and buffer are shorter and won't give you the strength to return your BCG to the battery position properly. I just ordered the proper 308 rifle spring and buffer from Midway. I think it was less than $25.[;)]
    P.S. The buffer tube comes in mil-spec(Larger diameter) and comercial(smaller diameter) sizes so that also needs to be considered
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    So, am I correct in assuming the buffer tube and stock will fit on both the AR-15 and the AR-10?
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