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A gunsmith friend of mine is cleaning out his work area and has a poo-ton of Arisaka parts including several actions, many stocks (both original and new from Brownells), a bunch of barrels (original, new, Shillen, and even one in .243 win. with browning A-bolt style compensator), and at least four large boxes of misc Arisaka parts. He's not sure what to do with this stuff now that he's retiring and I offered to see if there's any interest out here for it.

So, my question is if there's any value to a "poo-ton" of Arisaka stuff. Are there people out there wanting this stuff enough for me to list it all here on GB?

I'll have a good list of parts here in a few days so if there are any Arisaka fans or enthusiasts that could help me price some of it I'll make sure you get first choice at lowest prices for the assistance.



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    Most all original W W II military rifle parts, are in demand. Posting quality photos would be your best bet. You will be needing them not only for identification and valuation, but when you put the stuff on the auction.

    I remember years ago picking up a sporterized Arisika, that only had the wood bubbaed. Let it go out of frustration, after looking around and pricing original Arisaka stock and parts to make it complete. Believe me that stuff doesn't go for cheap.
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    ANY original parts for the Arisaka's are worth listing without any doubt. People are paying crazy amounts for parts to make thier $50 sporterized or semi sporterized gun into what they think will be a $400+ collector.

    The aftermarket parts I really have not followed to know how they will sell. Doesn't seem to be much interest in building a good cheap hunting rifle these days since if you can't do the work yourself it is cheaper to buy a new $300 gun off the shelf in any caliber you want.
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    You want to see what Arisaka parts bring, just look on eBay. The long "Poo-Poo'd" rifle is now bring in a pretty penny!
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    Anything that is fully "original" (especially from WWII or before) will bring top dollar from a collector like me.
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    Me and others are always looking for Japanese military parts. List them on an auction site like GunBroker and you don't have to worry about pricing them. Start at $1 and they will bring what they are worth. Let us know when you list them. You'll be surprised at how much some parts bring, especially stocks, handguards, bolts, bipods, dust covers, cleaning rods, slings, and bayonets.
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    100% agree with last post. On hard to find stuff a bidding war may start.
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    What the other folks have said is right on! But if your friend is retiring, what about other parts??? Another rifle that folks frequently had cut down was the French Berthier-Lebel. Parts for these rifles are also in demand. Please, please, please post any parts on-line and let us have a chance to give them a new home. DON'T let him throw anything away!!!
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    Agree with all the above. Post 'em all as auctions (but set aside a Type-99 bolt safety for me - I'm just sayin').

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    Just to state the obvious: LOTS of close up, IN FOCUS, pictures of all of the parts. If necessary, ask a friend who is a good photographer to help. You could end up with quite a bidding war if the buyers are confident about what they are buying. [:D]
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    My apologies for taking so long to get back to any interested Arisaka people on this...

    My gunsmith is looking to unload all of his Arisaka parts at once and if anyone believes the whole lot will easily sell for $850 (if listed on GB) I'll arrange it. That being said, if anyone honestly believes that these parts can quickly be sold off individually for MUCH more than $850 I may consider purchasing the lot and listing individual parts.

    This list is not everything there is (just what was easily noted):

    (10)excellent condition (like new) original barrels
    (1) original NEW barrel still in wax paper from factory
    (1) Shilen .243 barrel with (Browning A-Bolt style) muzzle break
    (9) barreled actions
    (2) new reproduction stocks from Brownell's
    (5) sporterized stocks
    (1) custom rear floor plate with action
    (6) trigger guards
    (5) bolts
    (10)firing pins
    (2) mag boxes
    (2) shoebox size boxes full of misc. triggers, followers, springs, etc

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    Way more than $850.
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    Years ago when most people were still ignorant on the value of Japanese rifles, most of that stuff may have had a market. Many German WWII Mausers were sporterized up until the 70's.

    Now a man who cuts down an original wartime rifle is looked upon as an idiot. He makes a $300 rifle out of a $1000 rifle.[xx(]

    The same lesson is being learned about Japanese WWII rifles. The firing pins and maybe some barreled actions are valuable if original (as are any other original parts), but the aftermarket stuff will find few takers among the knowledgeable.
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