9mm pistol not hitting point of aim part 2

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Just to clarify some of the details.

The pistol is not new, it is a trade in and I've had it for almost a year.

I can transition from revolvers, to striker fired and even other DA/SA autos with no problems. However this pistol is giving me fits.

I have torn it down,cleaned it, and had it inspected by an armorer. As far as anyone can tell it is in near perfect condition.

I always use silhouette targets, just because that is what is available.

I have done hours of dry fire exercises to get the trigger pull down.

And as far as "no slouch" goes, If you make it a seven inch group at 25 yds, I'm your huckleberry.

The only thing I haven't done that has been suggested is trying different weights and shooting from a rest.

I have put hundreds of rounds through it and still cannot get it to do a decent group past 10 yards, and that group is well below my point of aim.

My next chance to get out to the range will be towards the end of the month. I will see if I get a rest and some different weight ammo to try and let you guys know what happens.

Again and as always thanks for the input, you guys are the best.


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    Cool deal! Again, please let us know if anything suggested helps, or if it is just one of those "lemons" that is destined to be sent off and replaced with something more accurate. [8D]
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    I had one of the Swiss assembled AT 84's, with similar problems years ago. The conclusion I came to, was the either the barrel was bad. Or it's lock-up wasn't uniform from shot to shot, (it would only shoot accurately with very light handloads).

    I don't know what the availability is for replacement barrels for your S & W? You might consider going that route, i.e.at least try to borrow one to see if there is any difference.
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    You might want to check the ramps on the locking cam under the barrel, see if there is an crud packed in there that lets the barrel get into position, but not always the same position, for ignition. Same for the lugs and lug recesses on the top of the barrel and in the slide. If you can find some of the flourescent aiming dots stick one on the X-ring of your B-27 target to give you a consistent aim point.
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    quote:The pistol is not new, it is a trade in and I've had it for almost a year.
    Considering that Smith doesn't make this model anymore, this is assumed. [;)]

    Lets see if there is any more to add here. I'll just throw out some ideas.

    If (and only if) you can group well at distance (ie under 6" at 25 yds) with a wide variety of other guns using similar ammo on the same targets, but not this one, and you're certain that you're getting a consistent sight picture, its the gun and not you.

    As alluded to above, personally, I've always found it extremely difficult to get any kind of grouping on conventional large silhouette targets at distance, solely for lack of a specific aiming point, and also because the dark background tends to block out the sights leading to poor sight picture.

    IMO optimal target for testing accuracy is a SMALL colored target with a LARGE LIGHT colored background. That gives you a small and specific aiming point, lets you see the dark sights against the light background (including light around the front sight in between the rear sights) and also lets you see where all the "misses" go. NRA-type bullseye targets work well, but just a bright colored dot or square against a light background can work well too.

    You can staple these onto your silhouette target. In my experience the difference in shooting accuracy between the small precise target and a conventional silhouette is dramatic.

    Note that group size and target distance "should" be proportionate. If you're getting 3" groups at 10 yards, but 12" groups at 20 yards, that's not the gun.

    Obviously, where the group is in relation to the sight picture is a function of sight regulation, not intrinsic accuracy. IE, a good shooter with a good gun should still throw all their shots into a small cluster, even if say, that cluster is 7" low and 5" to the right of point of aim!

    Not saying its the case here, but shooting low can be caused by jerking the trigger, and it can be accentuated in guns with trigger "stack" (where pull gets heavier towards end of travel). Inconsistent grip can also cause this issue.

    On gun itself, if you've checked the bore carefully for leading/corrosion; crown, lugs, and bushing for dirt/burrs, and the sights for looseness/movement, that's probably 90% of the game right there. Note that something like a small burr is pretty easy to overlook.

    Consider that this is only a $325 gun used, give or take. If you're really firing hundreds of rounds through it trying to figure out what's wrong, at todays ammo prices, before too long your cost of testing is going to approach/exceed the value of the gun itself!

    IMO, if you're firmly convinced its the gun and not you, I'd consider cutting your losses and either selling the gun or sending it back to Smith for a tune-up (if you otherwise like it).

    If you just feel like being stubborn (NTTAWWT) here's a "parts kit". If you can snag it at a reasonable price, it may be worth the effort trying to swap barrels:

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    I get the 910 & 915 confused. Does yours have plastic 3 dot sights?
    If it does, make sure you're putting the top of the front sight post level with the top of the rear sights. Ignore trying to line up the white dots.

    If metal no dot sights, disregard.
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    quote:Originally posted by drobs
    I get the 910 & 915 confused. Does yours have plastic 3 dot sights?
    If it does, make sure you're putting the top of the front sight post level with the top of the rear sights. Ignore trying to line up the white dots.

    If metal no dot sights, disregard.

    It had metal sights. I'm heading to the range with a new (to me) pistol I got in trade for it. Hopefully this one will work out better for me.
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    Find someone with a ransom rest to test it for you.
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