45 Super in Springfield Armory Long Slide 45

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Does anyone know anything about the Springfield Armory PX9629LFC. Its one of their longslide 45's with ported barrel and frame that will also shoot the 45 super.What is a 45 super? Does it have all that much more power? Enough for Deer Hunting?Will having this 45 super capability hurt the performance with normal 45 ACP ammo (you can shoot both in this gun can't you?)Sorry about all the questions but I sure like the looks of this gun and have heard lots of good things about the new Springfield Armory guns. What do you think?


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    The more I look and read about it the more I want one! Does anyone know any drawbacks to having the 45 Super capability? Will feeding or accuracy suffer? Also, any downfalls to the longslide? I obviously won't be using this one for concealed carry but think it might make an excellent option for whitetail deer now that we can use handguns in Iowa. I'm thinking reloading is obviously the best choice for the 45Super ammo. Any pet loads or suggestions on that aspect? Sorry about so many questions. I am just real fired up about this one.
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    I bought one a few years ago when they first came out.Very accurate,very controllable.If you want an excellent target gun,buy one.There's a company called Texas Ammunition Co. http://www.texas-ammo.com/ which makes loads they call ".45 Super Express" that are designed specifically for the V-16.230 gr. FMJ round @ 1200fps and over 520 lbs/ft of energy-great hunting round.
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