need jungle carbine help....

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how do you remove the front sight, bayonet lug and flash hider assembly from an enfield jungle carbine. i have a new one and must remove the existing one but not sure how.


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    i removed one once & damn near ruined the bbl. doing it.they seem to be shrunk on and i do mean tight!lots of heat & a good vise.mine galled & i ended up cutting it off w/thealmightydremel.probably not what you wanted to hear but maybe someone else has had better luck. barto
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    Try putting the gun in a padded vice with the muzzel pointed down. Then wrap the barrel with wet rags and carefuly heat the suppersor with an accytalen torch (not a propane). Get it hot as fast as you can with out heating the barrel. If you are lucky it will fall off. If not grab it with a pair of pliers and it should come off. If this dont work let it cool slowly and try again. If that dont work carefuly cut it with a dremel or cut off tool. Just make a cut on one side but not all the way thrue. Then use a cold chisel to break it.Install the new one buy heating it and it should drop right on.Good luck And rember to always wear eye protection.
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