Probably a stupid question....

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But I have to ask because I don't know. Can I put (will it fit and function correctly) my Bushmaster XME15 upper on my Bushmaster Carbon 15 pistol lower?

I know I cant legally use the pistol version upper on the rifle lower but would it work?

Also the bolts are different in that the pistol bolt does not have the rear end say 2" of the carrier, if the rifle upper was on the pistol lower you would have to use the bolt for the rifle upper?

Sorry for being a dummy but I don't know and I know some of you guys do :)
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    OK there is no stupid questions, just stupid anti-gun lobbyist. As for your question, I don't think it would work due to the fact that the lower mag well is a 9mm and not a .233/5.65.
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    he didn't say what cal it was.
    the parts should mate and function, but I would expect much accelerated wear on the composite half would be my guess
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    It wont work........ When you put the Bushmaster rifle upper on the Carbon 15 pistol lower, the rear takedown pin hole does not align properly for the pin to go through.

    It wont work the other way either, ie, pistol upper on a rifle lower.
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