Value of Marlin 375 ?

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Made in '80, .375 Win caliber. 98% bluing (1 very small rubbed area). 90% or better on wood (3 little dings).Shoots great, too - 2.9" at 200 yards last time it was at the range.Value?Thanks!


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    it's hard to sell these odd cal. deer rifles, have seen a lot offered for around $300 but usualy no takers (ammo costs twice as much as a .30/30) if you are interested i'll offer $200 + postage.
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    Sorry, not interested in sellin, as I just bought it in December. Was just wondering if I overpaid.Paid $350 for the gun, Redding Dies, RCBS shell holder and 2 boxes Winchester ammo. I figure the ammo ar $22/box, the dis and shell holder at about $50, total $94, leaving $256 for the gun. From our response, sounds like I got an OK deal.When I bought it I was looking for something "better" than a .30-30 without the recoil of a .45-70 (both of which I want to get as well, one of these days). HAve to say I'm very happy. It pushes a 220 Hornady at 2260fps with 8fps total deviation, 205 yard Point Blank Range for a 6" target. Will be using it to elk hunt this fall.Thanks for the info!
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    You have a nice caliber in a great rifle. Winchester screwed up their marketing of this caliber by charging so much for the ammo and back then it was more expensive than 308 or 30-06, sure as hell did not make alot of sense to me. That 220 grainer is great!I have seen prices range from $375 to $550 for this caliber rifle, final pay price depends on how good'a dicker'r you are!
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