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Century Cetme/FAL rifles.....any good?

cwinncwinn Member Posts: 1,223 ✭✭
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I keep seeing ads for Century Arms Cetme and FAL rifles that have been refinsished using parts kits and i cant help but question if they are any good or not. Does anyone know if these rifles are reliable, accurrate, and durable? Ive considered purchasing one of either type, but i want a gun capable of ecent accuracy that shoots everytime you pull the trigger, and they seem too good to be true. Anyone own/shot one? Comments?


  • TheguncounterkidTheguncounterkid Member Posts: 224 ✭✭✭
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    Ive ordered 14 of these, of those 2 can back with problems. overall i think you get what you pay for. they seem to be using old part kits..some good, some bad. Figure on replacing the handgaurds, they use a soft plastic/rubber one. Overall ok value but not a great FAL.
  • NighthawkNighthawk Member Posts: 13,100
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    In my opinion their as good as the HKs.If you reload you will be ok,but if not it would be rather expensive to shoot.But mine was tweeked up when I bought it.


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  • thunderboltthunderbolt Member Posts: 6,012 ✭✭✭
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    They need lots of cleaning and some tinkering. Visit my website at and view the target shot with a stamped metal Cetme. This represents the first group shot out of a new gun and was the best first group so far of the Cetmes through my shop. You can visit for more information on
    these and other H&K type guns.
  • boeboeboeboe Member Posts: 3,331
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    I just received my $299 Cetme today and was very impressed. However, I have heard some have problems.

    The first ones they were making out of parts sets and selling a couple of three years ago were of better quality on the wood and the parts were new, or near new. Mine was obvously built from a used parts set with some dings in the wood, but I think if I care to they could be steamed out.

    I had heard some say they had problems with extraction for the first couple of hundred rounds until they got broke in. Mine functioned fine. The magazine fit is a bit too tight but some work with a flie will take care of that.

    I have also heard some report they had dark bores on for about a third of the barrel, but other confirmed this was phosphate coating that came from refinishing the parts. From what I've heard it dissappears after several rounds. My bore was bright and shiney with good rifling. I put about 100 rounds through it this afternnon and it was plenty accurate. I haven't had a chance to shoot off a bench yet.

    I think it's pretty much a crap shoot, the chances are good you will get a fine rifle, but there are some being delivered with minor problems that need resolved.

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