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FN .22 autoloader

Dom De LorenzoDom De Lorenzo Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
edited June 2002 in Ask the Experts
Got an interesting one... I have a FN 22 autoloader. This rifle design is what the Browning 22 auto is based on. I can find no info on it (that's half the fun). Here's what I've undercovered so far:

1 - The late owner of this rifle, a French speaking Belgian, brought it from Belgium post WWII. His story ( I'm told second hand ) was that this rifle was used by the French underground for firearms training.
2 - It is chambered for 22 short. It's loading gate is on the tang of the stock as opposed to the side like the Browning.
3 - The Browning timeline indicates that a patent was granted and production began on a 22 semi auto rifle in 1914. Also, Remington produced it as the model 24.
4 - The "Browning" 22 auto was not introduced until 1956.

Has anyone seen one of these? The variuos "gun value books" that I have do not list this gun. A local gun shop owner couldn't (wouldn't) enlighten me. He did, however, offer to buy it! We didn't talk price.


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