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I would like to find some info on an old shotgun. It was given to me by my father I have searched evrywhere and came up with nothing. I believe he bought it in Germany about 50 yrs ago. Its a hammerless double barrel, the only markings I can find on it is *Star Leader* stamped on the side plate.
I don't suppose it has any value in dollars but I would like to know where it was made and how old it is etc.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.



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    Does anybody know if a manuafacturer is making a 20 gauge open hammer side by side anymore?
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    Does anyone know anything about Bavella or Bevella shotgun made in Suhl or maybe Berlin Looks like quite a nice gun
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    Welcome to the Forums, Jeff!

    Some of this will sound like the proverbial broken record but I can state what works best for getting the most information.

    Photos help immensely with questions like this, the more detail and best lighting the better.

    Remove the forearm and look at the bottom of the barrels and the underside of the rib for markings and stamps.

    Remove the barrels and look at the water table for more marks and stamps.



    I just did a quick look/see and found this, although I haven't verified it with any more material.

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    Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 4534


    "I recently acquired a single-shot shotgun passed down through the family. One side of the barrell says "Star Leader" with a star preceding, a star following, and a star under the words. The serial number is: 55913XF. I am wondering if it possibly was made by Crescent or HD Folsom? Any ideas?"


    You are correct, the "star Leader" shotguns were made by the Crescent Fire Arms Company (Model 60).

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    Here's another that seems to confirm that it's a Crescent Arms:

    It's an American made "Trade Brand Name"
    shotgun made by Crescent Fire Arms of Norwich,CT (1891 to
    1931) for and was sold by the Hibbard,Spencer,Bartlett
    Company, a wholesale sporting goods dealer located in St.
    Louis,MO. Time period? I don't know but some time between
    1900 and 1920.
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    Many Thanks! Sounds like your info may be on the money, and very very helpful. I love this old gun; and I still hunt with it from time to time. but I have never saw another one like it and have allways been curious as to where it came from and how old it is.

    Thanks again
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