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My question how do you tell if your gun shoots a 50/50 80/20 60/40 pattern. I am shooting a Bretta A 391 trap gun and the rib is pretty low to the barrel. This gun shoots pretty flat. So how do you tell what pattern it's shoots.Do I patteren the gun on paper and aim for a spot and see where the pattern hit's. thanks for any help


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    mark a 3" dot in the middle of a 30" circle drawn on a piece of packing paper. set it up in some kind of frame. step back 16 or 21 yards. put your front bead on the mark. fire. take down the target and draw lines on the target like a cross hair, putting the target in 4th's. count holes. where is the majority of the pellet hits?

    does your gun have an adjustable comb? if so, raise your comb and repeat test and youll move your swarm up.
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