Mitchells white bolts

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I have a curiosity that is nagging me.
Mitchell's current add for a re-worked German Mauser has a white bolt.

I had a few WWII bring-back Mauser 98's before I "gotstolefrom". None of those had bolts that were white. None of the guns from the 'wholesale houses' where I have looked have white bolts.

I'm wondering, where do all these white bolts come from ?

I then wonder why Mitchells doesn't re-blue them to complete the fa?ade of a " true matching collector grade Mauser ".


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    Dumb question, but how were the bolts finished on your 98's?
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    Well, it is because they aren't german, they are Yugoslav; the Yugoslavs reworked them first, and in some cases made them themselves, not even 100% true to the 98k design, and left all their bolts (or at least most) in the white.

    Mitchell's misadvertises their product, that's all.
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    The bolts on the 98's I had were polished and blued.

    Thanks jonk.
    I thought Mitchells might be starting with guns from the same pool as several wholesalers.
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