CZ 52 (pistol) as home protection

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I recently shot a friend's CZ-52 and was really impressed. Not only by the feel and handling, but by the price.

Aside from the obvious over-penetration dilemma, how does this gun weigh in as a home protection piece versus other $130-160 guns?

I only have an afternoon at the range in experience with this gun. Anyone have an opinion?


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    I have a CZ52, and it wouldn't be my choice for a home defense handgun. The factory firing pins are brittle, and subject to breakage. One of my mags didn't hold the slide open at the range, I wasn't counting, click-dry fire. Broken pin. Aside from that, that .30 caliber slug at 1400fps may end up 3 or four houses down the street even IF you hit the bad guy. And believe me, I wouldn't want to touch that thing off in a closed room with no hearing protection. I know there are some guys (mostly guys who haven't shot anything in a house) who will tell you that you won't notice the noise and flash in a situation where you need to shoot. But a CZ52? I would have to guess the best case scenario would be instant night blindness, and hearing aids for the rest of your life. Go find a pawn shop 4" S&W .38 for just a few more bucks. Just my 2 cents.
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    No way! Plus some of the surplus ammo may not work. I have had this happen before.
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    drop the idea of HD handgun and go to HD shotgun, short barrel 12 gauge
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    If I had to use one, I would want a handload with a quality hollow point, not ball ammo.

    I agree though, a .38, .357, .45, or better yet a shotgun are better choices.

    Of cheap surplus guns for home defense, I'd probably go with the Makarov or CZ 82 in 9mm Mak.
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    The problem with any 7.62x25 cartrige is the overpenetration.
    It doesn't create any more flash or noise then 357Magnum or a 12 gauge shotgun. What it DOES create is a very high velocity round.
    This is not the issue in Russia, where even internal walls in the building are heavy concrete, and the external walls of the building are about 12inch thick concrete or 4-5 bricks layers. In US homes, which are made of plywood, with internal walls are made pretty much of cardboard, the round is dangerous. It WILL go through the person, and will end up 3 houses down the block. If, however, you load up with JHP or HP rounds, the gun is outright VICIOUS. It will create a deep, wide wound, turning into a hamburger whatever it meets.
    I,honestly regret that there is no 15-17 shot gun in 7.62x25 on the market. I LOVE that cartrige. However, do not believe the hype that it is overly loud or flashy. The fireball from 357 Magnum is about the same, so is the noise. The velocities of 357 Magnum are compatible to the velocities of 7.62x25. However, 7.62x25 has higher penetration. Consider this. 7.62x25 in a 16 inch barrel has almost the same ballistics as .30 carbine round.
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    Fenris, I like the reach of the long grip of the CZ-52. I have found mine to shoot well and to be very reliable. While that gun is not my first choice for a home handgun, I have some differing reasons. My two cents is spread a bit longer, but here goes.

    The brittle firing pin is not a big deal. Fix it with a replacement for the cost of a box of ammo.

    The flash from S&B ammo in 762x25 is enough, some milsurp ammo looks like a flamethrower.

    The CZ-52 is a fine gun, and the 762x25 is a stout round. If you were to find some cooler handloaded rounds to avoid over-penetration, you would have to tune the gun to cycle them..possibly to the point of affecting reliability.

    You will not notice the blast from indoor firing under real danger situations. And those of us that have severely impaired hearing from firearm blasts know that it cannot be corrected with hearing aids. The receptors that sense the higher frequencies are fried and gone forever. The impairment is not the result of a few rounds shot indoors. Any impairment from a few rounds indoors that keeps you walking around is better than being a victim with normal hearing.

    IMO the CZ-52 is not first choice because it is an auto. The top requirement for a home gun is something that you can operate while adrenaline has your brain screaming and your hands vibrating. Alias had the best suggestion and I would also recommend and DA revolver in 38spl. The DA revolver eliminates any possible feed failure, safety left on, no round in the chamber, etc. etc. Wadcutters shot from a 38spl or 38spl +P are near the top power without a worry about over-penetration from a missed shot. Also, there is ammo made for this caliber specifically for protection. They are hollow points that will open up at the lower power levels, and are loaded with propellants that minimize flash.

    Although you will enjoy your CZ-52, you can get an economical DA revolver for not much more money. If you go with a quality used revolver with the 2 to 4 inch bbl you may work with the same costs and have a better home protection piece. There are a lot of people that will use a gun/round that has over penetration problems, but it doesn't mean you should do it too. While the 38 is no power-house, most intruders don't want to be shot with anything. A meth-head with a fully stoked fire in his brain will not be a one-shot-stop unless you complete some VERY well placed shots.

    Regarding a short shotgun. I find even a short one too cumbersome, but that is the weapon my wife chooses. I wanted something different for her, but she will only accept the double bbl shorty. Her plan is to get in the corner of the bedroom after calling 911 and perforating anyone unwanted that comes through the doorway. My worry is that being limited to two shots before a reload, you should stay very well practiced. I'm not convinced that she maintains those skill levels.

    Stay Safe and ENJOY !
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    Thank you all for the replies.

    re: the overpenetration. I am not planning on shooting surplus ammo unless I am at the range. I was planning on lower velocity hollow points. My house is 1958 brick ranch as are all the houses on my street. Not downplaying the overpenetration, just saying that there's some compensation there.

    I have thought about a revolver, and I do have a good ole Ithaca 12 gauge handy in a closet. Couple of factors with that. One personal, one practical.

    When I had a CCWP I carried a Walther PPK/S .380 and I loved that little gun. I am a little guy and it's hard for me to comfortable hide a bigger handgun like a 9 or a .45. The CZ reminds me a bit of the feel of that gun, a little heavier, but small enough for me.

    The second is the wife. For whatever reason, she doesn't like "lemon squeezers". I am going to try to move her in that direction, but whatever gun we get, I want her to be able to handle as well. She is much more willing to learn now that we have a small child in the house and got rid of our dog.

    I also think I am interested because here's a good quality gun for the price of a Jennings (no offense to any Jennings owners, but I've never heard anything good about them).

    So, maybe it won't be my primary HDW, but it seems like the concensus is the CZ is a good buy for the price and a fun little gun to own.

    By no means closing the thread, just chiming in and responding to what's been said.
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    All things considered I'd start out with a good alarm system...
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    Fenris -
    Go to the website boxoftruth.com and select the series of pictures showing hand gun penetration on a kevlar military helmet. I think it's called "The Helmet of Truth". The fmj 7.62x25mm round fired from a CZ-52 was the ONLY round to penetrate the kevlar. I'd be worried about hitting the baby in the next room, unless your indoor walls are a couple courses of brick. I've owned and fired four different CZ-52's, sold three before I found one that is about 95% reliable at the range. I really enjoy shooting it especially at 100 yard plinking targets (platic 2 l. soda bottles are just the right size to challenge your ability.) I also found a small scale commercial reloader who puts together jhp SD rounds - which he emphatically states are too hot for a Tokarev. The standard muzzle velocity of the milsurp and S&B rounds is 1640 fps with muzzle energy of around 530 ftlb. Plenty of power, but it's concentrated on a .30 cal pin point, rather than .357 or .40+. The round was designed to penetrate body armor - and does. I'd be reluctant to use this set-up as first choice for home defense - yes, the milsurp ammo does produce a ball of fire about the size of a beach ball under twilight conditions. I can't imagine what it would look like in near or total darkness - maybe similar to a dim flash bulb. Just my Humble Opinion based upon experience.
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    I also own a CZ52 and like it very much. The one thing about it that I want to change are the sights. In a high energy home invasion situation sights can become a big deal. At 3ft they really don't matter, at 15ft it can be the difference between center of mass and opps. I keep an 18.5" Rem 870 with police double O buck rounds and a M29 S&W 5" 44mag revolver loaded with low velosity (1000fps)safty slugs for my personal HD combo. If anything else is needed the safe isn't that far off and away. Good luck with what ever you choose....
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