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hi fellas
as were a little limited here in the UK, theres not as many as fortunate as me to shoot & have the ground,& you guys know your stuff,
so !! im looking for your experiences of the old savage 110, its in 243cal, as a descent small animal basher.a bud don't have a use, any longer & i thought it may be a handy alrounder, its the minimum cal here for deer, so i know power etc is fine,once matched with a round, but whats its......
balance/accuracy/reliability & any experiences you have.. its a 4 shot..
cheers & regards[:)]


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    Excellent choice..for anybody's money.
    The .243 will work well for both ends...varmint/deer.(I took lots of prairie dogs...and 25 deer..before I retired mine).
    Accuracy on the earlier 110's was sporadic...some good...some not so good. Handloading, of course, will help..if you can do so.

    HOWEVER...you can buy another chambered barrel and install it yourself, with the aid of a Sharpshooter wrench..even changing the caliber, if the laws you labour under will allow.

    The balance of these rifles is not the best I have ever seen..but adaquate for the job.
    The earlier triggers were not top flight..replace the trigger, if you wish.
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    Outstanding choice for deer and long range varminting. It has a wealth of bullets to choose from as well. Most powders will work into a fine load with a given bullet. I like 40 gr. of 4895 behind an 80 gr. bullet. That is my best one shot for all things shootable with the .243.

    As far as the rifle goes, I will say that Savages have an accuracy to them that is waaaay above their price tag. Is this the older 340 or the slightly newer 110 with a 4 round drop magazine or is it the latest 110 with either a drop mag or internal mag?

    If you want a vote FOR the rifle I say yes. You will like it. My thinking of Savage is they put all the money into the rifle where it really matters....anything left over they paid someone to make it ugly. But that doesn't matter because they shoot so well.

    -good luck
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    Hi. I had a 110 243 Win. made in 1961. Got it when I was discharged from the service. Shot everything from gophers to mule deer. Actualy shot the barrel out.It was gray in front of the chamber for about 2" and would still shoot MOA with hand loads. You will like this rifle. IMO
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    I keep seeing this "MOA" on Ask The Experts. What does that mean? Excuse me for being ignorant, but I wanted to ask for the longest time, but thought you guys would think, What an idiot. Thanks, Mike
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    Minute Of Angle . equals about a 1" group at 100 yards
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    just tried out the 110..at 88yds with the range finder, it does the job!! federal 100g
    eye eye..

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    MOA is as reddnek says minute of angle or approximately 1" at 100 yds. To come up with the answer picture a triangle from your geometry days in high school. If you picture a circle,360 deg., a minute is 1/60th of one degree, or in decimal terms: .0166667(rep.) Now we know the angle, .0166667 but we need to find the height at 100 yds so we get the sin( I did it on my calculator) which equals: .000290888. These are really small numbers so we are going to want the height in inches. Therefore we need to convert the 100 yds to inches(3600) so multiply 3600 x .000290888= 1.047" One inch is close enough out to 500 yds or so. after that you have to add that 5% to each inch. At 1000 yds one MOA will be 10.47". It's a lot when you figure you have to move 47 MOA from zero on a .308 Hope that helps.


    Excellent shooting! I'm presuming the fox had chicken dinner on his mind? Anyhow you will see that the .243 is an excellent round with a ton of potential for varmint and medium game species.
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    cheers & thanks guys..[^]
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