USS missouri plaque

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any idea of how much would be the price of this item..??It's a USS Missouri plaque of Japan's formal surrender dated Sept.2, 1945 ; WW II......


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    Just a guess, since it is a National Historical Treasure, the price would likely be 10 years and a $250,000 fine [}:)]
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    quote:Originally posted by bocay
    any idea of how much would be the price of this item..??It's a USS Missouri plaque of Japan's formal surrender dated Sept.2, 1945 ; WW II......

    If it is authentic, it is a stolen item. Most likely, it is a replica plaque, and as such, it is only worth a few $$.
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    I believe the original is on display at the General Douglas MacArthur museum in Norfolk. In fact, I'm 99% sure but I haven't been there in a while. I know the ship's plank is there where MacArthur signed the surrender papers with the Japanese aboard the Missouri.
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    A few tidbits: Tourgide on USS Missouri said current plaque is not the first plaque that was installed into the 02 deck. No confirmation of first plaque location. Prior post indicates possibly at Norfolk????

    Scuttlebut has it that the first plaque was removed during re-fit prior to first gulf war. When the ship was laid-up in Washington State (about the time it was stricken from the Navy list, prior to Hawaii) the second plaque was in already in place on the 02 deck. In the deck now is "authentic plaque #2".

    Best, Joe

    PS...To bocay. Where is such a plaque for sale? I'd like to buy one. Assuming strongly that you are referring to a reproduction. J.
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    I had a buddy that was on the Missouri during the surrender.He told me that they cut a section of the deck to put a plaque to honor the place where the papers were signed.A section of the wooden deck that was removed was cut into parts that were made awards for each man on the ship.When he told me that I thought about how few people had ever earned such an award.It would be shameful to see one peddled like yard sell junk.
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    I am holding in my hand right now a USS New Jersey BB-62 Plaque. It was my wife's Grandfather's. I think it was to commerate the launch of the New Jersey as he helped build it and did not serve on the ship. NO IT IS NOT FOR SALE.

    Just to let people know there might be all sorts of these plaques.

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    One time, I was checking inside my hunting dogs mouth, and he had some plaque on his tooth that looked like the USS Missouri!!!!

    The funny think is that one of his front K-9's kinda looked like the Virgin Mary!!!!
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