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I am hoping all you gun buff's can help me.....I am looking for the Ultimate gift for my husband. I cant ask him questions because he will figure out what I am doing!

I want to get him the Ultimate gun!! He hunts everything! He has a safe full of guns but I want to give him "a Treasure" Rifle or Shotgun..Deer or Turkey. I have no idea what to get him....weatheryby etc.... I would also like to have it customized

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me


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    You have a neat idea and he will probably act happy with whatever you choose but guns are so much a matter of personal preference that he should have input to really get something he appreciates.
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    Is this the sort of "Ultimate" gun you are looking for? I have to agree with the last poster to your topic, guns are personal and gun lovers have ideas and favorites. Without some input from your VERY LUCKY husband we will be hard pressed to provide options. Even though a Midas Grade Browning is real nice!!!!! [:D][:D]
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    I agree he pretty much has to be in on this. With a custom rifle he would choose the caliber and barrel length, the length of pull would be fit to him, he would choose the wood, the action used and so on. If he likes handguns, then something from the Smith & Wesson Performance Center (their custom shop) would ring my bell at least. Like this: http://tinyurl.com/mredx
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    I somewhat agree with the other posters .But on the other hand I would think That most hunter use guns that cost $1000.00 or less because of the conditions they are exposed to . I would suggest that if he has a favorite time in American history Wild West/Civil War / Pre WWII /Etc and then I would buy him a Used gun in about 98% condition This will give him the chance to shoot the gun on special occasions with out hurting it's value but give him an out of not having to use it to hunt with when he would really rather use his favorite firearm but does not want to disappoint you by not using this great gift. Sort of like Buying you a High dollar fancy Dress . I suggest a classic Fire arm Like a Winchester Rifle or Colt Single Action Or Colt 1911 Type Pistol. These will all most likely go up in value . A new firearm if used will most likely go down in value at least for some time until the value inflation catches up with used condition. All three of these gun types can run from less then $1000 to 6 Figures / search on this site and places like Cabela's Gun Library for Winchester lever guns like model 1866 1873 1876 1886 1892 1894 and Colt Single action /SAA First and Second generation are the vintage ones and Coll 1911 From the early years 1911- 1960's feel free to contact me on my profile if you want opinion on any you find.
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    Perhaps you could enlist one of his hunting/shooting buddies to find out what would really make his day. Myself I would really like to have takedown 95 Winchester on the high-pressure action in 30-40 krag improved with really nice wood. The problem is I would never be really happy unless I got to do the work. You might also go to a large gunshow with him and see what catches his eye.
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    The best bet would likely be a close hunting buddy to ask him his "DREAM" gun.That way you could really get the inside info not likely to have a hint that you are asking but rather the two of them , as buddies could match heartfelt desires..PIck the most glib buddie so he will go along with the ploy..Sure would be fun and hopefully,work like a charm..Good luck,,I hope he desirves a sweet wife like you..modoc
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    If he is a shotgun man, I suggest you look up Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. They have a world class box lock 20 & 28 ga side by side shotgun starting around $3,000. and there are multiple upgrades. Depending on your taste and wallet, you could spring for their version of a Winchester model 21 depending on the engraving you will be looking at $10K to $35K or so. If you really want to surprise him go for one of the custom Galazan's. Arguably one of the finest American made shotguns presently made.

    If he is a rifle man check out a Holland & Holland, Rigby or Purdy double rifle in 450 nitro.

    You are one fine wife!
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    i agree with enlisting his closest hunting buddy. also, it would help to know what he likes to hunt the very most--deer, elk, turkey, waterfowl, or upland birds.

    if big game, you might consider a dakota 76 rifle in a caliber he doesn't own.

    happy for you both!
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    You could also, see what kind of hunt he is looking for. A once in a lifetime trip to Africa? Elk hunting out West? Moose? etc. You can hook up with a guide that may have tags for purchase for hard to draw species. Of course if your budget still allows, a firearm to match the hunt.
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    Get him a personalized Henry "Golden Boy" with engraved receiver and any specially engraved message you want. I know I'd love it!


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    Look in his vault (when he's got it open) and look for a type of gun that is not represented, ie., does he have a double-barrel shotgun (over/under or side-by-side?). Does he have a large caliber pistol with a scope (for deer hunting)? Does he have a lever-action rifle(pre-64 Winchester, or Marlin)? Does he have a pre-64 Winchester mod. 70 in a .270 cal.? Or does he have a single-shot rifle (Winchester, Kimber...)? Maybe he doesn't have a Colt handgun yet(1911 U.S. Army, or Python revolver)? And then again, he may just love to get any "old" gun (1876, 1886, 1894...). Just don't get him a gun that's engraved with "I love you..."
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