Anyone use this 8mm ammo? Is it decent surplus?


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    I have been shooting surplus 8mm ammo that I bought from J&G Sales here in Prescott Az.You might check their web site.This ammo is from the Czech. Republic, mfg. in 1944, corrosive with brass cases and 198 grain steel jacketed bullets.I have never had a misfire and it is reasonably accurate out of my Mauser.I cannot remember the price but it is worth checking out. A friend of mine recently bought some 8mm from J&G and he was pleased also.
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    That is good ammo. Somebody who knows their stuff, I think it was Mike Wiskey is getting 1 1/2 inch groups with it. It is more accurate than the 1950s issue Yugo.

    This is the same stuff from JG. I believe JG has free shipping.

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    I've gotten the best accuracy of any surplus with that ammo. Right up there with my handloads.
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    Thanks, I ordered 150 rounds of it this afternoon to try out. I am not looking for target grade accuracy, just a decent plinking round.
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    "I think it was Mike Wiskey is getting 1 1/2 inch groups with it. "... YUP, GREAT AMMO. THE 1 1/2" GROUP WAS THE BAD ONE, SEVERAL WENT TO JUST OVER 1". THIS WAS SHOT IN A NEW M-48 YUGO WITH SCOPE AND JUST A LITTLE ACCURIZING.
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