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question what is the difference 106 military and the 107 military mag. should be the same right


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    All military grip mags are the same and they will also work on the slope grip pistols Model 102 through end of production The slope grip 102-103 mags will work but will be very hard to lock in and take out. The early military grip mags had a red plastic bottom/spacer these were prone to breakage so later mags had metal bottom/spacer. Be aware any magazine can cause problems if not tuned to feed in your pistol.
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    106 were red bottoms. 107's were blued and redesigned.
    here is a 106.(left.) the one on right is the new houston spin off. pay attention to the red bottoms. note differences. basically, a 106 is a slant grip mag with a red plastic extension glued to it.
    this is a 107 and newer.
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