Glock 19 or XD? or PX4 Storm?

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I'm a first time handgun buyer and have been researching this a while and having fun just educating myself. Going to be used for self defense - but in reality, used more on the range. I have gotten opinions from many friends, as well as read many message boards and narrowed my selection down to a few - Glock 19 & Springfield XD are the leaders. I've not shot either, but have handled both and am leaning towards the XD.(9mm) The lack of a safety on the Glock is a little troubling... but my opinion on that may change once I've gotten more familiar with handguns.
Any opinions on these two options? or any other options that may be less expensive, but good alternatives. I have shot a Beretta 9mm (not sure what model) and a Baby Desert Eagle and liked them both... but didn't have much to compare them to. Any reason the Baby Desert Eagle or Beretta PX4 Storm are not usually suggested in message board? Just not as popular? Seem to be close in price and quality...

Any suggestions/advise much appreciated.


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    I have owned both and ended up selling the Glock,my XD was slightly more accurate and I liked the grip safety.It might P.O. a few Glock lovers but it's just my opinion.PS it's also cheaper.
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    One of the finest handguns I've ever owned. [^]

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    Friends don't let friends buy Glacks, er, Glocks.
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    XD all the way. The grip safety is reason enough to purchase the XD over the Glock.
    Regards, MAALOX
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    I own Glocks and SA-XD's. My Glocks are in storage. My XD is in my nightstand! Glocks are good, but IMHO I will stay with the XD's!
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    They are both wonderful handguns. May I suggest which ever gun you choose get a pistol with tritium night sights.

    they can be a life saving feature on any handgun. Another good thing to have is a good flash light or gun mounted light.

    If a gun mounted light appeals to you, then you need a pistol with a light rail in the frame as seen above on spiders XD compact or Nwcids M&P-9 compact. Glock and springfield, beretta px4, and Smith and wesson M&P offer night sights and light rails.

    I like glocks, because you can do more with them and there is many aftermarket options.

    I cannot coment on S&W M&P compacts, but I have a full size M&p45 and really like it. It has a better trigger then any other plastic pistol I have used.

    The PX-4 is boxy and DA trigger pull is long an heavy, but the memory pad grips feels nice.
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    Another plug for the Glock. I saw a bunch of XD posts so I thought I just throw in my $.02

    If you have the opportunity to go to a range and rent one of each, I would recommend that. Either the Glock or the XD are fine choices. The lack of an external safety is the main reason I carry a Glock and keep it for home defense.

    As to your question on the PX4 (I can't answer on the DE) I shot my lil bro's. He carries it for a duty weapon. He loves it and takes top gun at qual matches with his other LEO associates. I did not like the long trigger pull on the DAO version he uses. May be better on the DA/SA version (I think they make one, not sure now that I wrote that). I could not say.

    Quality wise, I think any of the choices you have are good ones. Try to get some rounds through each of them then decide what fits you best.
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    I prefer the Glock but would be happy with the XD....Shoot both and find the one that fits your hands.
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    glock the springfield in a fine hand gun but it is also a ripoff of a glock! enough said!
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    I like both the Glock and the XD. I own several Glocks but have been fond of the XD's I have shot. I think the XD Tactical is a bit better then my G 34.

    With that said I HATE compact guns. I dont like the way they fit and feel in my hand. This is and was universally true until I got my hands on one of the S&W M&P 9c (compact 9mm). I had one put in my hand and it felt good. I ended up going back to fondle it to see if it really felt as good as I thought. I walked away that second time too but 2 days later I called and had the dealer hold it for me.

    I have about 600 rounds though this gun and have been totally impressed with it. It fits ME perfectly, it has less felt recoil then my Glock 17, it is accurate, it is fun.


    As far as what gun is best for YOU I say go with the one that fits YOU best. YOU will be the one shooting YOUR gun. Make sure it fits YOU.
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