remington 770 question

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has anyone tried one of these,i have allways shot a remington model 700 270,saw one of these 770 remingtons in a 270,they are cheaper but are they any good...


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    What are the differences betweet the Remington 700 and the 770?? Good or bad?? Thanks for your help.
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    [/bl[blue]The 710 was a budget model of the 700. Although there are many, many out there the 710 had 3 problems. One, the grey synth. stock is ugly. Two the magazine latch failed of many of the 710. Third they had a aprx 4 month run one year that the safety detent spring was bad and led to a recall. Thus comes the dropping the 710 and the 770 being born. The parts for both models are exact. They beefed up the safety spring, and magazine latch. They went to a black synth. stock. Are they good, I feel they are. But what I have done is bought two different 710's and put on the 770 synth stock that Remington sent me FREE. Both guns perform very well for me. One is a 270, the wife's gun. Mine is a 300 win mag.
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    The couple of 710s I worked with were nothing I'd personally ever buy. If you have owned and liked the Rem 700 then the 770 will probably be a big let down. For the same sort of money you should be able to still buy a new Savage or Howa, which are decent offerings. There are also many good used rifles available over on the auction side. I'd take a good used Rem 700 over a new 770 everytime. Do a search, this topic goes around most years just before deer season and you should be able to cover a lot of opions faster then waiting for answers to this post. Good luck with whichever you decide on....
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