Grips for a Taurus Tracker?

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My latest purchase is a Taurus Tracker and I do not care for the rubber grip.I checked with Hogue and Pachmyr and they have nothing and say they are not planning anything for this model, a compact frame revolver according to Taurus.Taurus offers a hard rubber combat style grip but I was wondering if there was another commercial source.


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    I too have the Tracker .357, and shot it along with a Ruger .357 using the same loads. Everyone that shot the two prefered the Tracker's grips. They seem to absorb some of the recoil and gave the gun a great all around feel.Good luck with whatever you do with it... but try to get used to it... and then fire another gun.christian
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    Hogue now has a grip for it:
    Hogue Model # 73000
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