Marlin 1895 Camp Gun

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I have a new Marlin 1895 Camp Gun in 45/70. I want to replace the recoil pad with a LimbSaver pre - fit type and bought one last year but it did not fit. Too small. I've always had them fit really well, are there 2 different sizes, or does anyone know specifically which size to get?


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    buy them both return the one that dosn't fit, or take the gun to the gun shop and see if the man behind the counter can help you.
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    I love the SVL Limbsaver recoil pads. There are also Kickeeze, and Pachmyer decellerator's. You can get any of the 3 in a pre fit, which works 95 percent of the time. Like Beer gut says, if you take it to a reputable shop, they will be able to grind one to a perfect fit if it does not match to your requirements.
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