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Anyone know if a set of med.height rings are high enough for a 50 mm scope on a 84 classic kimber[?]


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    Don'r know. Besides.."Medium" means different heights for different manufacturers...from ..164 to 1" in height.

    A monthly rag gave a method to find what YOU need...get some modeling clay and make 2 cylinders of it...place on your base, where the scope mounts. Place scope on the clay and press down till the bell clears the barrel + clearance for the flip-ups. Evenly is the word here...be sure the scope is level.

    Measure from the top of the clay to the top of the base..should be the height you need.
    One also needs to be sure that the ring height is not given to the center of the scope tube, also...or figure that in when looking at specs.
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    While you're at it, be sure to check for bolt clearance as well. With a 50 mm objective, I doubt it would be a problem, but I've seen it, especially a smaller contour barrel.
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