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My friend just bought a CZ 550 full stock mannlicher in a caliber 9.3x62. He's having a hard time finding ammo, does anyone know where he might find it? I'm assuming it must be made since they make the rifle. I've only found a few custom makers on line, but no listing from federal or any of those guys.
Any help is appreciated


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    No domestic makers. Norma will be the most likely source for your friend. RWS / DWM, custom loaders are the other options. Possibly S&B offers it where another Czech company sells the rifle? Specialty producers such as Buffalo Arms may also carry it [?] . . . .

    Good cartridge, just not terribly popular on this side of the pond, although it is likely the leading choice for moose in Scandinavia. Simply finding a firearm or ammo in one of these metric types doesn't mean much. Typically, they are special order, special import or (less likely by this time) war souvenir items and rather thin on the ground, much as .35 Whelen (& etc.) would be over there.

    The ammo comes up at auction infrequently in small quantities. Figure it will cost $1 - $3 / rd (more likely closer to the latter figure).
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    Nosler loads it, Nosler Custom Ammunition, can be ordered online from Nosler:


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    Grafs has PRVI Partisan for under $20 a box, I haven't used PP's 9.3x62 mauser, but the other ammo I've used has been very good.

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