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I have an old 44 ammo shell that is stamped W.R.A.Co. EV.N.M. on it. Does anyone know what the history is>


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    I posted your question on another forum (WANT ads) where a guy named Iconoclast lives and he will probably be along shortly to help you.
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    winchestder repeating arms - the rest Iconoclast will deal with
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    Evans New Model

    Evans was a tube fed repeater of the 1800s, with the tube located in the stock, similar to the Spencer. The original ("Old Model" - OM) round is roughly the same size as the .44 Winchester (.44 WCF, .44-40). The later version of the Evans rifle would shoot both OM and NM ammo. The NM round is substantially longer than the OM and will not chamber in the older rifles.

    I thought it was in a Tom Selleck flick, but I can't find it on line . . . Wilfred Bromley's character uses one. The hero (apparently not Selleck) makes a big deal about buying the "new Centennial" Winchester, so it is set in 1876 +/-. Accurate portrayal of the firearms, whatever the movie may have been titled.

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    Picture of Evans Rifle at link below, if interested:



    ( I think the Tom Selleck/Wilford Brimley western is Crossfire Trail.)
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    Thanks for the link and memory tweak, Talking Head.

    Yep, "Crossfire Trail" is the one. Like "Unforgiven," they do a great job of showcasing lesser known, but still fairly popular, period firearms, rather than just the stereotypes.

    I knew the Evans' capacity dwarfed that of other lever actions, but I'd forgotten the disparity.

    Think about that 28 to 34 round capacity! It is so amazing the characteristics of a firearm introduced in 1873 could speak so relevantly to the liberal agenda of the past forty plus years. Obviously a "high cap" device, it should be outlawed. Right.

    We need to keep hammering on our legislators to prevent that HR 1022 travesty off the books, people.
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